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Sushi Paper Models is looked really Yummy!!

sushi paper models Sushi Paper Models is looked really Yummy!!

I love food and love sushi. So I’m excited when I found this Sushi paper models. I know, the paper models food cannot be eaten, but I think making food models is an art. When you finished making this, just put it on the display. Paper crafting is the fun hobby to do, especially if you love art and have a lot of spare time~!

sushi paper Sushi Paper Models is looked really Yummy!!

I haven’t try it yet, but I think this papercrafts models is not too hard to make, you just have to be patient, because you are about making the similiar pattern all the time. You will make may popular sushi here: tuna, ikura, tamago,ebi, uni, anako, tako and of course: the chopstick + Shoyu! One of the yummiest free best paper models I have ever seen!

Download Sushi Paper Model here


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  • anjar

    just printed this off and spent the day doing it, nearly finished it and it looks great. thanks for the link!

  • cynthia sim

    erm ..
    hihi ..
    so beautiful .. can u send some picture that is sushi ?
    so cute ..
    if u all can ..
    send it 2 my e-mail..
    thx 4 all ..

  • yen ling

    very unique, very cute, very amazing, keep on making the pattern ;)

  • admin

    Thank you so much :)

  • deng

    ouuww… nice!
    thanks for shring.. :)

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