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Phoenix Wright Paper Model

phoenix papercraft Phoenix Wright Paper Model

I’m a huge fans of Phoenix Wright DS game and finished playing the Trilogy games. It’s maybe a bit late, but if you are a fans of Phoenix Wright games, You have to make The Phoenix Wright / Ryuichi Naruhodou Paper Craft/ Paper Model! I want to make it but I run of the color ink for My Printer. Uh oh, gotta buy soon and make it!

Download the paper model here , from the official site.
PS: I just realized that Naruhodou in Japanese means: exactly. Exactly= Right. Right=Phoenix Wright . So, the game itself is the jokes, that means “The man that always right.”


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  • Blogguebo

    Hey, this’ a cute niche blog, bro. Good job. :)

  • admin

    Hey Blogguebo, thanks for the comment! I just make this blog and on the way to create more content. Make sure you keep updated with my Feed :) Thanks for visiting!

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