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Sep 10 2012

Batman Bust Papercraft Model

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Batman Bust Papercraft Model 300x146 Batman Bust Papercraft Model

Batman is popular superhero and even we can enjoy the latest movie. Instead of enjoying the Batman movie, you can also add your collection. If you need a reference about the latest collection which is recommended, you can just make it by yourself. This is concerning to the fact that the collection is made of paper art.

In this case, you can just download 3D Batman Bust papercraft design. It is not a full miniature of Batman but it is only the half of the miniature. This latest recommended collection is coming from a game entitled Arkham City Batman game. If you think it is a great collection to collect you can just start to do this Arkham City Batman Bust Papercraft model. The difficulty level is average and I bet you can finish it right away.

Probably, you have to spend your money to buy the previous collection but you don’t need to do it to get this collection. This is concerning to the fact that you can use free download Batman Bust Papercraft toy service. The pattern itself can be downloaded here and later you can print it. Just follow the pattern and the instruction to finish this paper model well and as soon as possible.

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Sep 05 2012

Matryoshka Doll Papercraft Toy

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Matryoshka Doll Papercraft Toy 300x225 Matryoshka Doll Papercraft Toy

Do you have a plan to buy a new accessory for your house? How about if you postpone this plan and make it by yourself? If you don’t have enough time you can choose something simple to make.

For your reference, you can just start stacking doll papercraft toy. The unique part of this toy is the material. This doll is made of paper art and you can download the pattern of Matryoshka papercraft here. Definitely, it is free and you don’t need to spend your money at all. Moreover, the doll consists of 6 different models and sizes. Although it is 6 different characters but the shape is simple because it is only in the form of tube. The size is starting from the smallest up to the biggest paper doll. The color presented on the model is bright and various such as red, blue, yellow, and white.

The expression of the doll is also different each other. Later, you can manage the doll from the biggest one in the outside and the smallest one is in the inside. In the end, you can just take this 3D stacking doll papercraft model. Finally, you get a new accessory for your house and you get 6 different accessories in one.

Downlaod it Here

Sep 01 2012

Keropi Papercraft Toy

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Keroppi with Box Papercraft 300x225 Keropi Papercraft Toy

One of funny characters which children love it is Keropi. Keropi is frog character and the funny appearance makes this character popular. Moreover, it is also taken from a movie known as Kero Keropi.

If you want to give something special to your beloved daughter, you can consider Keropi papercraft toy here as one of the options. It is better gift than anything because you make it by yourself and step by step. Definitely, it is not an ordinary paper model because you can make it just like when you buy it in the store. Specifically, besides making the Keropi, you also make the box. The good news is that you can just get this 3D Keropi with box papercraft for free. The color of the Keropi is green and it is the same with the original character. The box is also presented in green with transparent plastic just like a glass.

Just manage this project step by step and carefully so it can be made perfectly. If you really want to take this paper model you can just download Keropi papercraft with box right away. Hopefully, your daughter happy with this special gift especially if she knows it is made by her own parent. Do it right now so you can see the real model.

Download it Here

Aug 30 2012

Wiro Sableng Papercraft

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Wiro Sableng Papercraft 225x300 Wiro Sableng Papercraft

Indonesian people also have a hero. Although it doesn’t use iron costume or mask but this hero is also considered as a popular hero in Indonesia. The name of the hero is Wiro Sableng. Sableng itself means crazy in Indonesia language. Actually, he uses white uniform which is commonly used in martial art.

If you are curious about this funny but strong character you can just take Wiro Sableng papercraft design available here. One more unique thing about this character is about the number stated on his body. The specific number presented there is 212. This Indonesian Superhero papercraft model is using axe as his special weapon. For your information, Wiro Sableng is only a comic superhero and it is a fiction character.

Although he is a fiction character but people really like him especially because he is funny and defend the goodness. If you want to add your superhero collection you can also include this 3D Wiro Sableng papercraft model as your next project. Later, you can explain to your friends that this is a popular superhero from Indonesia. The pattern is free tow download and later you can star the project right away. At least, you don’t need to recognize the name because it is stated on the rock papercraft.

Download it Here

Aug 25 2012

Happy Summer Papercraft Scrapbook Model

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Happy Summer Papercraft Scrapbook Model Happy Summer Papercraft Scrapbook Model

Summer is a great season because the weather is warm. Most of your children are also happy to welcome summer and it can be their best weather. If it is so, you can just make a little surprise for them to welcome summer together. It is okay to make something simple but it gives great impact to your children.

For example, you can download seasonal papercraft scrapbook design. What you have to do is preparing 7 pages of A4 papers or LTR papers to print the pattern. Definitely, this summer papercraft material design is perfect for you to welcome summer. Interestingly, you can add photographs around the theme and it will be better for you to add the photos of your beloved children. The color of the theme itself is warm and bright enough which is light blue.

Within the paper model there is a statement “Happy Summer” and then you can add at least 3 different photos there. Just make sure that you put the best photos to the Happy Summer papercraft scrapbook model and show it to your beloved children. Let them put the paper model in their bedroom as a new accessory there. At least, this summer will be different summer compared to the previous one because they get something special.

Download it Here

Aug 20 2012

3D Humayun’s Tomb Architecture Papercraft

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3D Humayuns Tomb Architecture Papercraft 3D Humayun’s Tomb Architecture Papercraft

Do you want to start a complicated level of papercraft now? Actually, there are several options which can be considered as complicated level papercraft project. Definitely, it takes more time and high consistency to finish this kind of model.

One of models which tested your skill in making a papercraft is architecture papercraft design model. It is difficult to finish because it is large in size and you have to watch on the detail a lot. For example, you can just take this 3D India Humayun’s Tomb papercraft. This tomb is real and you can find it in New Delhi, India. Actually, this outstanding architecture is considered as one of popular architectures in Asian, Oceania.

To get this Humayun Tomb papercraft architecture you need to spend up to 15 pages of paper to print the pattern. Moreover, you also need to get the instruction in which you need to use up to 10 pages of paper. Definitely, you know how complicated this paper model is. But if you have high consistency and focus on the project I bet you can finish the Humayun Tomb papercraft pattern into the realistic architecture as soon as possible. Just show it to your friends and let them surprise which you achievement on paper model.

Download it Here

Aug 15 2012

The Avengers Papercraft Toy

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The Avengers Papercraft Toy 300x207 The Avengers Papercraft Toy

There are several popular superheroes who become the favorite of children. Some of them are included on The Avengers. In fact, the movie is also popular in the cinema and all people interested to watch the movie.

Just collect the character of the superheroes by taking The Avengers papercraft toy. The character is made in small size and the detail is not the focus of the model. Although, the detail is not the focus but you can still see the clear characteristic of each characters. For example, you can just download Captain America papercraft model if you really love this strong and fast character. On the other hand, if you love a strong and big character as your favorite superhero you can also take the Hulk. It looks green and it seems that he is angry and ready to attack the surrounding.

There is also the model of Iron Man with the same color and detail just like what you see in the movie. At least, there are 7 Avengers papercraft designs to download. All of them are performed in 3D design and it makes more interesting to start right away. Just done all of the characters and I bet you can do it fast and in short period of time.

Download it Here

Aug 09 2012

Son Goku Papercraft in 3D Design

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goku papercraft 300x252 Son Goku Papercraft in 3D Design

Most children around the world recognize Goku. Yes! Goku is the main character of a manga film entitled Son Goku. If you really love the film and the character definitely you need to have it in your room. It is possible for you to have the miniature and even you can make it by yourself.

Downloading this Goku papercraft model is the best way to get your favorite character. The strength of the model is on the realistic design and you can just see the same papercraft model just like what you see in the film. The height of this 3D Son Goku papercraft design is 23 cm and it is perfect to be the next new accessory around your bedroom. You will see Goku who is wearing the orange uniform with the logo in the back of the uniform. Interestingly, the muscle looks real although it is only in the form of paper.

Moreover, this Goku papercraft toy is steady and you can stand the model in the table around your bedroom. Probably, the process will be a little bit complicated but with high consistency I bet you can finish the model. In the end, this model can be your favorite toy because you made it by yourself.

Download it Here

Aug 03 2012

Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model

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Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model Fruitparfait Papercraft Card Model

Giving a card is one way to show how you appreciate your friends. It will be great if you give a different card than the common card available in the store. Commonly, the size is square and the design is monotonous.

How about if you give a card with a glass of delicious ice cream? If you think it is a great idea, you can just take this fruitparfait papercraft card. Definitely, the special thing of this model is the attracting design. You can just give this card especially if your friends love to eat ice cream. The gift card papercraft design is colorful and it looks really fresh. It will be great if it is his or her favorite ice cream because it means you really understand them very much.
The best thing of this service is that you can download fruitparfait papercraft model for free. The design of the model can be downloaded in PDF form and the size of the paper you need to take the model is A4 paper size. Specifically, you need 2 pieces of paper and then you can just print those design papers to start the project. It is very easy to do and you can add your own text to deliver your message to your best friends.

Download it Here

Aug 02 2012

Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft Model

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Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft 300x225 Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly Papercraft Model

Collecting papercraft is always interesting. This is because there are hundred of papercraft models available and some of them are new models. For example, if you like to see an airplane it will be interesting to collect the miniature of airplane from various countries.

Just like this Airbus A320 Meridiana Fly papercraft model presented here. Specifically, Airbus A320 Meridian Fly is considered as an Italian airline. The airplane itself operates from Peretola Airport, Florance. If you used to make airplane papercraft project so this kind of model is easy for you. The design is similar to the previous airplane models which you have. It consists of two parts which are the plane itself and the place to make the plane steadies.

Although it is only an Italian Airline Plane papercraft design but the design is made just like the real one. From the model you will see the logo of the airplane which is Meridiana Fly. Commonly, the total of the windows and the doors are the same with the real plane. Because the airplane model looks steady enough it means you can put it in your favorite spot around your room. Just start to download the paper design right away for free and start the project as soon as possible.

Download it Here